The simple, yet reliable TruStrip™ RDT technology enables wide range of applications that involve testing of samples where obtaining immediate results for making spot decisions are important. TruStrip™ RDT cards are optimized to provide visible results within a matter of minutes in a highly cost-effective manner. Coupled with the ease of quantitatively recovering the samples, TruStrip™ RDT test cardsessentially eliminates the limitations imposed by needing appropriate testing equipment, reagents and dedicated facilities to ascertain the presence or absence of any biological component that is being tested. The application examples provided below are just a small sample of what can be accomplishedusing the TruStrip™ RDT technology.

  • Meat Identification Adulteration of ground meat with other undesirable meats has been a major problem in recent years. Examples of horse and dog ground meat being served as ground beef has raised ethical and many other concerns. TruStrip RDT meat identification test kits provide a simple and effective method to test any ground meat sample for presence of adulterated foreign meats from other species. TruStrip RDT test kitcan be used in any setting to provide instant results for the presence of adulterated ground meat from wide range of species without having to send samples to advanced testing facilities.

  • Test ground meat products for adulteration
  • Food Safety Presence of toxins and drug contamination is a common health problem worldwide. TruStrip RDT technology can be readily applied to test for toxins, drug byproducts and other chemical substances in a rapid and efficient manner. Most of these tests can be performed onsite without the need for any expensive assays and instrumentation to obtain a qualitative result within a matter of minutes.

  • Test toxins in food products
  • Ovulation/Fertility/Pregnancy Testing Ovulation testing is an important aspect of animal breeding activities and the associated planning process. In the case most common animals such as dogs, cattle and thoroughbred horses, the fertile period can be very brief and it is of utmost importance to obtain results rapidly. Existing methods involve sending blood samples to testing laboratories for measuring the levels of progesterone. These methods can be time-consuming and expensive. With TruStrip RDT ovulation test kits, a qualified veterinarian can collect sample on site and perform the test to obtain immediate results.

  • Ovulation testing in animal breeding applications
  • Pathogen Identification There are many instances where identification of suspected contagious pathogens that include could viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms are of paramount importance. A good example is the ability to identify animals suspected of being infected with Anthrax causing pathogen. Although there are systems available to detect deadly pathogens such as the Anthrax bacteria, these systems can be used only by highly trained individuals. With TruStrip RDT technology, it is easily possible to rapidly identify the presence of Anthrax-specific antigens. The RDT technology can also be used to test specific components of vaccine preparations against pathogenic organismsto determine the quality and potential efficacy of the vaccines when stored for extended periods.

  • Identification of pathogenic organisms
  • Infectious Disease Testing Collection of samples from the field or remote areas can be particularly challenging because of the inherent problems and costs associated with storage and transportation of potentially large number of samples. This problem can be exacerbated in cases of sample collection from infected individuals in disease-ravaged areas such as those suspected to be infected with Ebola or any other deadly infectious diseases. In these cases, the value of being able to triage samples to determine which ones are free of infection and which ones need to be sent to a facility for further testing is of great importance. With the TruStrip RDT test kit, these tests can be performed on site in the field without the need for any instruments or facilities in order to obtain a rapid “yes/no” type of an answer. This helps to quarantine certain samples effectively and also reduces the overall costs associated with storage of large number of samples and performing additional testing. In addition, the TruStrip RDT test kit also allows prioritizing further testing of certain samples deemed to be positive for signs of disease so that infected individuals may be cared for appropriately.

  • Rapid testing for infectious diseases
  • Therapeutic Drug Testing Humanized therapeutic antibodies (Herceptin, Rrituximab, Avastin) and other therapeutic agents (Epogen/Procrit, Artansep) have been a boon to the medical community when it comes to treated several diseases. These drugs are very expensive and therapeutic regimens can run into several thousands of dollars. However, there can be situations where the drug’s authenticity can come under question due to concerns of adulteration. Other concerns can be related to the viability of the active drug due to improper storage conditions. In these situations, it would be ideal if these questions could be answered via a simple test that can provide immediate results. With the TruStrip RDT technology, it is very easy to test the vial of drug or an entire batch if necessary. Similarly, many other biochemical materials can be tested rapidly and efficiently using specific TruStrip RDT test kits.

  • Test therapeutic drugs for activity and adulteration
  • Vaccine testing There are major global initiatives underway to provide vaccines with an aim to eradicate most common diseases that afflict mankind. The effort being spearheaded by GAVI and other charitable organizations provide vaccines to many underserved parts of the world. Many of these regions lack sufficent resources to store vaccines appropriates or test them for efficacy or adulteration. With the TruStrip RDT technology, it is easily possible to test stored vaccine samples for identity, efficacy and authenticity – all without the need for any expensive instrumentation or reagents. Moreover, these tests can be performed in remote locations as well using the RDT vaccine testing kits.

  • Test vaccines for authenticity and efficacy
  • Basic Biological Testing Testing for the identity of specific biochemical substances that can include proteins, antibodies, DNA, toxins and drug formulations are important applications. With the TruStrip RDT technology, it is very easy to test many types of biochemical substances rapidly and efficiently.

  • Identify biochemical substances and modifications