The TruStrip® Western Blot Validation & Quantification (WBV) system is a smart, visual, reliable and cost-effective technology for performing on-the-spot validation of Western blot process steps and reagents, and enabling accurate quantification of proteins of interest. Individual test strips of multiple zones containing specific reagents applied as stripes provide a simple, visual result when used along with any Western blot membrane during the processing steps.

Western blot remains as one of the most commonly used analytical technique for the identification of specific proteins from a complex sample mixture. This technique involves multiple processing steps and utilizes expensive reagents such as primary and secondary antibodies, and reagents for detection of the protein bands. Another aspect of a Western blot technique is the ability to quantify the levels of specific proteins across different samples within their respective lanes. In the absence of quantification standards in the blot, this is typically accomplished by comparing the expression levels of a protein to that of a “house-keeping” protein such as Actin or Tubulin within the sample – the levels of these “house-keeping” proteins are considered to be relatively invariant between samples. However, this only provides a relative estimate of the changes of the specific protein between the samples, and not an absolute quantitative value.

However, when the results do not show as expected, troubleshooting a Western blot can be rather challenging. Absence of bands in the blot could result from one of many reasons that range from failure to include the correct antibodies or incorrect dilutions to bad reagents or degraded samples. Because of the lack of a simple and reliable method to validate every step of the process, one has to expend significant amount of time to ascertain the cause of the problem and occasionally, discard expensive reagents. Not any longer - the TruStrip WBV product can provide all the answers and perform accurate quantification merely by including the WBV strip along with any standard Western blot.
At last, a simple and reliable solution for performing on-the-spot validation of a Western blot analysis that
  • Performs validation of each step of the process
  • Enables identification and quality of the primary and secondary antibody species and the correct dilution
  • Tests the quality of the detection reagents
  • Allows accurate quantification via protein standards of known quantities
SMART design with clear zones for validating each step of the process
VISUAL signal for easy interpretation of unexpected results
RELIABLE results that help troubleshoot problems effortlessly
COST-EFFECTIVE solution that saves time and expensive reagents
Learn more about TruStrip WBV technology and see how this product can help to validate your Western blot results and help save precious time by troubleshooting any unexpected results easily without having to test each process step or discard expensive reagents!