TruStrip WBV utilizes a well-established analytical method that is used routinely for protein analysis in research labs worldwide. The Western blot analytical technique is a multi-step process that enables identification and quantification of specific proteins from a complex mixture, but the unavailability of appropriate controls that provide validation for each step of the process can cause certain issues with interpretation of the results and quantification of the protein of interest. TruStrip WBV is designed to be included along with the Western blot membrane and serves to eliminate the aforementioned issues.

  • Western blot validation A failed Western blot or one with unexpected results can be difficult to troubleshoot and could potentially end up consuming more time and utilizing expensive reagents to identify the source of the problem. Inclusion of a TruStrip WBV strip along with every Western blot membrane through all the processing steps provides the perfect validation for the quality and efficacy of each and every reagent.
  • Example of a failed Western blot with no bands
  • Western blot quantification Quantification of specific proteins from a complex mixture using Western blot technique is qualitative at best, and it typically done by comparing its expression to that of a house-keeping protein such as Actin, as an example. But because the expression of Actin can also be somewhat variable between samples, the quantitative values of the protein of interest can often be erroneous. TruStrip WBV contains known amounts of protein standards and therefore provides a much more accurate estimation of the protein of interest by extrapolating its value to the quantification protein standard curve.

  • Example of Western blot with Actin expression used for quantification
  • Antibody and isotype detection Identification of the presence of antibodies against specific viral proteins and the isotypes in body fluids such as serum and plasma is very important in several clinical research studies pertaining to deadly diseases such as Ebola, Yellow Fever and other diseases. There are no simple, efficient and reliable techniques that permit identification of the presence of antibodies and its isotype. TruStrip WBV strips can readily be used to perform these types of studies in a rapid and cost-effective fashion. Moreover, the quantification standards for the specific proteins on the WBV strips will enable direct quantification of the protein being investigated.

  • Specific antibody and isotype identification from serum samples