TruStrip™ is a registered trademark of Alpha Diagnostic Intl. Inc. for all strip-based products.

The TruStrip® Western Blot Validation & Quantification (WBV) system is a smart, visual, reliable and cost-effective technology for performing on-the-spot validation of Western blot process steps and reagents, and enabling accurate quantification of proteins of interest. Individual test strips consisting of multiple zones containing specific reagents applied as stripes provide a simple, visual result when used along with any Western blot membrane during the processing steps.

Gt - Goat Mo - Mouse Rb - Rabbit BT – Biotin
AP - Alkaline Phosphatase HRP – Horse Radish Peroxidase

Greater than 90% of all immunoassay antibody reagents are produced in rabbit, mouse/rat and goat/sheep. Therefore, the WBV strips are currently only available with primary and secondary antibody reagents specific for rabbit, goat and mouse.

TruStrip™ WBV Fusion-tag Validation Kits are available with reagents that enable fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection.

Currently, TruStrip WBV products are available with quantification standards that include Actin, Tubulin, GAPDH, and several commonly used fusion-tag proteins. The complete list of the quantification standards can be found in the product website link shown below. In the future, production of WBV strips with custom quantification standards can be evaluated based upon customer request.

If the WBV strips are processed in the TruStripEcoWB 0.5 cm x 8 cm processing tray for Western blot strips (available from Alpha Diagnostic Intl), the volume of the buffer for processing can be as little as 400 µl.

TruStrip WBV strips are supplied in a kit as a pack of 10 or 100 strips stored in a plastic flip-top container. The kit also contains a processing tray. The strips in the flip-top container can be stored under refrigerated conditions to maintain the integrity of the reagents that are striped on the strips.