TruStrip WBV technology is based upon the time-tested and well-established Western blot technique. The WBV strip is designed to be processed along with a standard Western blot membrane and provides real-time process and reagent validation, thereby making it easy to troubleshoot any unexpected results. The key design features and functional benefits TruStrip WBV technology are detailed below.

Design Features

  • Compact strip size - Each strip is 8 cm long and 0.5 cm wide. This size of the strip is ideal for use with standard or mini Western blot membranes.
  • Separate zones for validation of each process step - The WBV strip is divided into 4 clear zones that include
    1) identification of the primary and secondary antibody species 2) quantification standards of known quantities
    3) identification of the secondary antibody species and 4) detection reagent validation
  • Processing Tray - TruStrip WBV technology also includes special processing trays that are designed for processing single, or two or 3 strips in a single chamber using a minimal volume of buffer. Reagents such as primary and secondary antibodies can often be expensive and it is of great importance to be able to use as little of these expensive reagents as possible.
  • Optimized reagents - Quantification of proteins of interest using the Western blot technique can be performed more accurately using the TruStrip WBV strips because of the known amounts of quantification standards that are present on each strip. In order to further ensure the fidelity of the quantification aspect, TruStrip WBV is also available with optimized primary and secondary antibodies for select standards such as Actin and Tubulin.

Compact strip size measuring
8 cm x 0.5 cm

Distinct zones in each TruStrip WBV strip
In summary, the design features of the TruStrip WBV\ delivers several functional benefits that make it an ideal solution for Western blot research applications.
  • Ideal size for use along with standard or mini Western blots
  • Validation of primary and secondary antibodies for functionality, correct usage and dilution
  • Visible results along with experimental Western blot
  • Quality check for detection reagents
  • Conserves expensive reagent usage
  • Saves time spent on troubleshooting
  • Accurate quantification of protein of interest

TruStrip WBV strip processing tray
All the above features and benefits make the TruStrip WBV product Smart, Visual, Reliable and Cost-effective validation and quantification technology.